My thoughts on “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge had me feel so many emotions as a reader. With those emotions came questions. Who is this mystery man on the bridge? What did he do so horrible that put him in this situation? The way I think as a person, I thought he was just going to be a criminal. Not too concerned of his fate because, if you have that many army officials around you…you are guilty. I really don’t know what to expect at this point, except that, he has a noose around his neck….he’s toast. The story reads kinda slow for me, the theme of slowing time is everywhere…which while reading this at work made my “real life” time slow too. (it’s ok though, I was making money (; )  The theme of time made me feel as if Ambrose Bierce just wanted to kill off this mystery man right then and there in the first section. I feel a since of “doom,” so to speak, and a little more worry now for this character. Anticipation builds as I start the second section.

Question number one is answered when I see the name Peyton Farquhar. His last name is so strange…but that’s beside the point. I’m happy to see that he too is southern and a planter. An image of my father forms and all I can think about is his poor family now. He is obviously a good man, hardworking and just wanted to help the cause anyway he could. My second question never really got answered, but I do see a theme here. The “confederate soldier” that gave Farquhar the info about Owl Creek Bridge also gave him an idea, driftwood. Is that why Farquhar stared at the floating driftwood at the first of the story? My guess would be that Farquhar did set fire to the driftwood in his attempt to help the cause. His punishment did not fit the crime! Bless his heart. L

I was all but jumping for joy in the third section. As a reader I saw the snapping of the rope as a little personal justice being served for Farquhar and his rebel heart. All he could think about was his family and getting back to them. He dodged bullets and even cannon balls…this man was determined and strong! So, to read the ending broke my heart. COME ON! Worst possible ending ever. (whomp, whomp, whomp)



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